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Masterbox announced new kits:
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Perseus (1:24)
Master Box has announced a new figure in their range of mythological figures and this time there is a twist on accepted constraints as regards Perseus.
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Master Box is about to release new figurines:
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Master Box presents its first kit from its Ancient Greek Myths Series.
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Master Box informed us about their new kits:
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Master Box sent us information about their recent releases:
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Master Box sent us information about their upcoming figure releases:
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Master Box announced new kit:
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Master Box Ltd. is well known for their figure vignettes in the box. These were mostly done in 1/35 scale, however, Master Box decided to venture into 1/32 scale opening a new line in the production of MB figures.
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Masterbox informed us about the new line of figures to appear soon in their portfolio.
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I've just been sent a series of new images from Masterbox Ltd. - the scale is 1/35th, the subject area very different.
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Three new figure sets have now been confirmed by the Ukrainain manufacturer, Masterbox Ltd.
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It's becoming very habitual now, with Masterbox sending us images of sets which are 'in-process'. Here are some images of a some VERY animated figures which will be hitting the stores in the next month or two.
A constant (and frequently correct) criticism of many 1/35th scale figure releases, is the 'static' nature of the poses. Now, the Ukrainian manufacturer, Masterbox Ltd. have announced three new, 1/35th scale, styrene figure sets which aim to provide a little more 'movement' into the available figures...
Master Box Ltd have recently announced the imminent release of a number of 1/35 scale plastic injection mould figure kits. Included are no less than three US Army ETO figure sets!
Several vendors have just announced the arrival of Master Box's new 1/35 WW2 set: a Russian soldier escorting five German POWs.
The Ukrainian manufacturer, Masterbox Ltd, has, in the last few months made a real effort to produce 'different' plastic figure sets in 1/35th. This is more true than ever, with these forthcoming sets in 1/35th sets...
Alex Surzhenko, Director of Master Box Limited, has just advised us of two new 1/35 figure set releases that will be released and available soon....
Just in, News of two new 1/35 scale figure releases from Master Box Limited. If you are not already familiar with this model manufacturing company, Master Box Limited broke onto the scene a short while back with a small but growing line of 1/35 scale armor subjects, in which the company is trying to offer the more "obscure" or more original model kit subjects.