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In a few weeks Dreamcatcher will release an IDF Trio. A very cool trio indeed! A commander strolling with a helmet under one arm, a kneeling tanker and a seated bearded crewman round out this nifty set. I'm painting them now and they are dandy! Tony Williams to our rescue again. Future releases are also in the works but I've learned my lesson, no news till just before they are ready! So line up and get your IDF'ers now.
In their continuing series of WWII 1:35 figures, Alpha Image has announced a new set of German figures. The figures are standing in casual poses and consist of two high ranking officers and two combat soldiers. We look forward to seeing more of these figures (painted!) soon.
Dreamcatcher has just released two new arabic figures. The first item (Refrence DC 54 011) is a typical arabic figure dressed in Djhellabiya, Kufiya and Aghal. He has his hands (typically) in the pockets of His Ghallabiya (jelhabiya, Ghallabiya ...). The second figure (Reference DC 54 012) is another arabic type, this time wearing a windcheater and carrying a firarm. The public price is 8.70€ (euros) per single figure. We also offer Armorama.com members an additional 10% discount!
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Mitches Military Models released a series of 1/9 resin busts, sculpted by Pavol Ovecka, depicting highly decorated individuals of WW2. This set is comprised of Medal of Honor holders from the US Army, USMC and USAAF.
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N-S Prod announced new kit:
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Romeo released new figurines:
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MMM announced new kits:
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